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THE AIRCOM QUICK LINE system is AIRCOM's latest development in the distribution of compressed air. It has been designed as a flexible instrument that can be integrated whith all existing systems in the world and is able to meet all needs, even in the most complex systems.

The unions in AIRCOM's QUICK LINE series can be coupled with aluminium pipes as well as rigid PVC pipes, and can be perfectly integrated with all other AIRCOM product ranges.

Quick to install, QUICK LINE still guarantees a perfect pneumatic seal, remarkable mechanical resistance and constant efficiency over time.


The AIRCOM CLASSIC LINE system is a specific solution for compressed air distribution and made of special super-elastic high impact thermoplastic polymer, it guarantees dry and clean air for the entire life o f the system.

The AIRCOM CLASSIC LINE will not corrode and eliminates undesiderable condensate within it, guaranteeing productive process quality and a long life for the pneumatic equipment.

The AIRCOM CLASSIC LINE offers a complete range of articles that can optimally meet all design and installation needs.

All metal fittings are made of Aisi 316 stainless steel. The valve, union and collar gaskets are made of EPDM, NBR e PTFE.

The AIRCOM CLASSIC LINE system is ideal for transporting compressed air up to a pressure of 13 bar. The product range (pipes, unions and fittings) can be used for creating complete systems, staring from the manifacturing unit to the handling, to the loop distribution system up to all peripheral couplings.

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